About The artist

Hi buddies ! Welcome to my website, if you’ve made it this far you’re probably curious about who I am and what I do. My name is Emily Hess and I’m a mixed media artist based in San Diego, CA.

I consider myself to be a very experimental artist, my focus is never on one singular idea or object but instead I prefer to survey both an idea/object and how my viewer and myself may react emotionally or biologically to this idea/object. In many of my works made since 2017 I attempt to create visual representations for intangible ideas, specifically joy.

I also create my own visual representations of biological and organic material that are tangible and visible to us. A lot of my artwork is influenced by the aspects of our universe that cannot be seen but we are still acutely aware of as human beings. 

My art is experimental in subject matter as well as materials used. I am reluctant to label myself as any one thing, more than anything this journey I’m on has taught me that change is inevitable. I currently work with paint, collage, digital illustrations, and various other non-traditional materials. I am hoping to branch out into larger projects where I make immersive spaces and experiences. 



 I have been creating and making art for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t start to really practice and apply the technical aspects of fine art until the age of 14. I spent Middle and High School attending the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts here in San Diego, during my time there I received an amazing education which is a huge factor that contributes to my past, present and future successes.

After studying visual arts in high school I continued onto community college uncertain of my future and afraid of committing fully to my art. In October 2017 I made the choice to work less, take a break from Community College, and  focus all my intentions towards being an ARTIST. 

The journey so far has been filled with lots of excitement and tons of learning experiences. In the beginning I thought being an artist meant selling a lot of art, I realize now that idea was pretty naive. Being an artist has been so much more than just making and selling art. In my pursuit of evolving my creativity from “hobby” to “career” I have had two reoccurring thoughts: I am so much stronger and capable than I ever give myself credit for, and regardless of sales And “rewards” I am continuously compelled to create art. 



The more I create the happier I am, for me art has always been an outlet. Art reaches the parts of myself that I have always felt my words could not. I have always spent a lot of time in my own head, I love to think, I love puzzles, and I love a challenge. Art has nurtured my thoughtfulness and allowed me to develop a new way to express myself. 

One constant that I hope remains in my practice is desire to create a mental-space for myself as an artist to break away from the traditionally accepted ideas of “fine art”.




I challenge the ideas of traditional art by using odd materials and tools, non-traditional color schemes, and a whimsical style that can appeal to children and the child inside of each adult. I also believe that art can be financially accessible for all people, because of that I offer a huge variety of price-points and sizes of art.

I hope when you view my art you feel joy, and it encourages you to not only find these moments of joy in everyday life, but also to think a little deeper about how to create your own joy. Thanks so much for reading, 

If you’re interested in purchasing, collaborations, commissions, or you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me.